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Come learn what's going on in California with the Institute on The Constitution with Andrew and Kelly Croot.

Andrew and Kelly Croot are not native Californians but have made a home in Central California. Kelly is originally from Maryland and has lived in numerous states growing up with her parents in the hotel industry. Andrew is from Australia originally and after migrating to the USA in 2001 they met and got married in 2005.

In 2007 Andrew became a US citizen and they also had an opportunity to go back to Australia to live. After almost 9 years they returned to California in April 2016.

As we all went through the government overreach in 2020, Kelly started researching more and more about what ‘rule of law’ meant and what the Constitution means. This is when they learned about the Institute on the Constitution and Kelly completed the 12-week U.S. Constitution course.

In 2021 they taught their first 12 weeks course and graduated 25 students. Then in January 2022 they taught their first Truth of America’s Founding: Your Heritage & Mine and had 50 students attend. This has grown in number in 2022 and they are looking forward to teaching more courses and training new leaders in California and across the entire country!

They are passionate about educating others and sharing the truth about the Founding Documents of our Nation.

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We were interviewed on the Constitutionalist Radio Show on December 1, 2022 - Watch it here!

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The Founding Fathers created the Constitution to limit the government’s power because they had lived under a tyrant who decided what was fair and what wasn’t.

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We are here to help educate you, your friends and family, members of your church family, and the surrounding community about the Biblical and Constitutional Founding of the United States of America!

* We are California State Chapter Leaders and Affiliates for Institute on the Constitution, a non-profit based in Maryland. *

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